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Thank you for taking an interest in my woodworking. This site as well as my Western Auto Radioland website was designed for informational purposes to showcase and promote interest in Woodworking and Radio Collecting. If you desire to purchase a wood item, I do occassionaly list some of my items on Etsy ( link provided). My woodworking is shown at several locations in Kansas as well as Art shows in the immediate area. If you wish to view my radio collection, there is a link at the bottom of the home page. I certainly appreciate any comments or suggestions on my sites as well. Perhaps you can help me or I can help you with shared information! Thanks for looking.


Many hours go into the creation of a box or other piece depending on it's complexity. I prefer to do many things the old fashioned way, especially the finishing process. Be assured that I use quality materials and all my items are solid wood construction. 

 The finishing process   

Typically all my items are finish sanded to 600 grit, then several coats of a blend of boiled linseed oil, pure tongue oil and polyurethane varnish are applied. Next, several coats of beeswax polish are applied. Occasionally I will use a carnauba polish for more lustre or a premium varnish for a more durable finish. Cutting boards and bowls require food safe glue, food safe mineral oil and/or food safe wax as desired. It is important to note that NO dyes or stains are used on any of the woods with one exception. Walnut is sometimes stained to darken the wood. Above, my grandson shows his version of the finishing process.

        The woods            

The woods I use are what makes my items unique.They are chosen for their colors, grains, blemishes, markings, etc. Often a blemish or even a diseased wood will create a beautiful piece. Again, I choose to not use dyes or stains as the natural colors of the woods require no improvement. All my products are built with solid wood. Corner splines are used for appearance as well as to strengthen  a mitered joint.

 Some of the woods I use:

  Padauk-Africa,   Bloodwood or Cardinalwood-South America,   Lacewood-Australia,   Purpleheart-South and Central America,

  Holly-England,   Mordillo or Bolvian Rosewood-South America,   Bocote-Central America,   Redheart-South America,

  Wenge-Africa,   Bubinga or African Rosewood-Africa,   Makore or African Cherry-Africa,   Panga Panga-Africa,  

  Jarrah-Australia,   Zebrawood-Africa,   Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry-South America,   Cocobola Rosewood-South America

  Mahogany-Africa, South America,   Chechen or Black Poisonwood-Central America, Mexico

  Domestic Woods - Hard Maple, Quilted Maple, Birdseye Maple, Spalted Maple, Butternut, Walnut, Pennsylvania Cherry,

  Kentucky Coffebean, Fishtail Oak, Poplar, Red Oak,  

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