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     Please click on any of the pictures in the Gallery for an enlarged view and                      brief description of the item, some with additional links

" Spiral "
Pillar Box with 3 Drawers
Walnut/Wenge 2 Drawer Chest
Buckeye Burl Sculpture
Hanging Necklace/Key Holder
" Ebony "
Signature Sculpted Box, Large
Maple Burl Sculpture
Signature Sculpted Box, Small
Maple Bowls
" Curves "
5 Drawer Chest
" Swans "
Sculpted Box
Padauk Dresser/Display Tray
Maple Burl Sculpture
Decorator Box
" Africa "
Decorator Box
Buckeye Burl Sculpture
Memory Box on Stand
Two Drawer Chest
Three Drawer Chest
Buckeye Burl
Padauk dresser tray
Five Drawer Chest
Simple but Elegant
Small Cherry Jewelry Box
" Spiral "

    Thanks for visiting my Gallery. I hope you have been inspired to create a woodworking item of your own

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